Abstracts and abstractions from Nature

I paint the expression of a place or an idea.  I was an impressionist painter for many years, painting on location. I found the day after painting out in the wilds or on a street corner,  I'd be  back in my studio and paint something from memory, what I thought was much more brilliant. So the painting on location worked for me, in building visual ideas before I painted something a little more substantial and interesting than the small paintings I brought home.

Ideas come to me by way of thinking about design, which I do a lot! Or simply by going to my worktable or easel, beginning by laying out a palette of paints & then pushing the paint around. The best way  to paint is to continue doing it, as one idea leads on to the next,  and then on some more. As a designer, I collected ideas and I still collect snips, images, color palettes, or a photo of one section of a particular painting.  Travel fuels up fresh ideas for color palettes, light and atmosphere, and textures.  Even in abstract paintings I'm inspired by surroundings and change in the seasons.

I try to identify and understand what I wish to say in my artwork, and then I begin, keeping this expression foremost in mind. My abstracts are rooted in my career as a landscape architect, and I completed many urban public works projects in Northern California. My other designs and paintings begin from imagination. My artwork focuses on subjects most intimate and familiar to me: cityscapes, landscapes, memory paintings or derived from nature.